Hello, Veeva!

My name is Warren Corpus, and I am an internet marketing veteran with a science background and a small passion for philanthropy.  I came across Veeva on my LinkedIn emails, and when I took a look at your company, Veeva piqued my interest.

When I saw that you are a SaaS company for life sciences, it made me think about my own journey.  My degree is in life sciences (Microbiology & Cell Science with a minor in Chemistry), but my path took me into a very successful career in technology sales.  Then I ventured into the early days of internet marketing, pioneering both affiliate marketing and email marketing.  My partners & I built one of the first successful email marketing agencies, and after we sold to private equity, I took a break – and joined a friend at a SaaS marketing platform company.

After 6 years in marketing and VP Sales at the SaaS platform, I took a break from the internet marketing industry and followed my alma mater, the University of Florida, in their project to build a new campus in South Florida, following their acquisition of Scripps Research – a major biomedical research campus in Jupiter, Florida: 

During the last year, I’ve had a great connection with Scripps Research – from the initial acquisition by the University of Florida in the above video, to the $100 million donation from the Wertheim Foundation

… to the recent renaming to The Herbert Wertheim UF Scripps Institute for Biomedical Innovation & Technology:

Working closely with UF Scripps has reignited my love for the life sciences – in fact, I was invited to the unveiling of the new PBS show, “Research Detectives”, with its debut episode about UF Scripps and their studies into RNA research combating Alzheimer’s and dementia.

I have since completed my duties in the development of the new UF campus in South Florida which is regrettably on hold for now, and I am now yearning to get back into a career relating to the life sciences.  With my proven background in technology and SaaS platform sales & marketing coupled with my science background, I believe Veeva could be a perfect destination in my journey.

Thank you for your consideration,

Warren Corpus

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