This is Affiliate Marketing – Episode 88

I am not a blogger.  I don’t write content on a regular basis because I’m a wonderful procrastinator.  On the other hand, some people are great at posting regularly – my buddy Shawn Collins does it all the time.  In fact, he posted some great stuff the other day:

Oh wait – that’s me!  Okay – I guess I hate writing content for my own sites, but I’ll gladly provide content for others.

If you are here because of a spam email you received….

A spammer has spoofed my email address and has been sending spam emails which appear to be from me and/or my organization. I have been contacted hundreds of times today via instant messages, emails, voicemails, phone calls, and text messages expressing how much you hate me, my family, and/or my organization.

Here are a couple examples from people who decided to reach out via email.  These are so nice… the phone calls are so much harsher.  ❤


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So before you “reach out and touch someone” (that’s a reference to an 80s AT&T commercial) , look at your email headers before you threaten someone and their family and loved ones – you’ve simply fallen subject to a spammer.

And seriously… death threats aren’t cool.  And all this stuff you post online is there forever – do you really think you are anonymous behind your keyboard and monitor?

“Spiciest Ramen in the World”? Gotta have it!

So a few weeks ago, my friend Erin tags me in a post about this supposed “really hot ramen”:

So of course I had to go to Amazon and buy a bundle of them right away so I could try them as soon as I got home from New Orleans.

The noodles came in a 5-pack – very colorful red package with a cartoon chicken breathing ramen flames.  When I opened the package, I found a sauce packet and a spice packet.

The preparation took longer than the ramen you used to live on in college.  First of all, I had to translate the metric measurements on the package to good ol’ ‘Murican measurements – apparently 600mL of water is about 2.5 cups.  Then you boil the noodles for 5 minutes, drain – keeping 8 “spoons” of water – then stir-fry in the sauce for 30 seconds.  I ended up using a pot, a stir-fry pan, and a mixing bowl, but I guess I could have prepared the ramen in one non-stick pot.  Something I noticed on the video above by INSIDER Food – they did not stir-fry… they simply poured the sauce on cooling noodles.  The magic sauce was probably not brought to its peak hotness because they were eating it cold.  P**ssies.

After you stir-fry, then you add the spice packet – looked like chili peppers and sesame seeds.  And by the way, the last word in the above paragraph was prissies… this blog post is kid-friendly.

So now we’ve got the finished product.  “How was it?”, you ask?  Well, here’s my video review:

Oh, by the way – I did not know there were all these “Hottest Ramen Challenge” videos out there until I uploaded mine tonight.  Wow – some people have a lot of time on their hands.

Carnival & Mardi Gras in New Orleans

While I live in South Florida, where the saying is “WE LIVE WHERE YOU VACATION!”, I have to travel quite a bit for business.  One of the great advantages of regular business travel is experiencing what other cities have to offer.

My office is in New Orleans, where I visit one week each month.  In the spring, I make it a habit to go during Carnival season.  “Carnival”, which literal translation is “farewell to meat”, is the period before Lent, when some Christians give up meat and other things they may enjoy, such as sweets, alcohol, etc.  So the Carnival season exhibits excessive drinking of alcohol, eating savory meats and sweets (especially King cake), partying, dancing, and other things before the first day of Lent – Ash Wednesday.

In New Orleans, there are many parades leading up the culmination of Carnival season, Mardi Gras (or “Fat Tuesday”).  These parades run by groups called “krewes” featuring marching bands and lavish floats that throw handmade prizes, trinkets, and beads.  Beads are also thrown of balconies on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter.  Danielle, Ruben, and I spent a few nights catching souvenirs from the Krewe of Nyx, Krewe of Muses, and Krewe of Endymion.

Mardi Gras is definitely a party time in a legendary party town.  If you find yourself with a few days off in the spring, try to get to New Orleans for an experience you won’t forget.

Eleventh Day of Lent

I haven’t posted anything in awhile, so I thought I’d share this lovely day I had catching the final round and playoff of the Honda Classic!

Lent Without Bacon

Oh what a day!  First of all, the Honda Classic took place over the weekend.  This event brings the world’s best PGA Tour golfers to (normally) sunny Palm Beach Gardens, Florida – but Saturday’s rains pushed Sunday’s starting times, and the tournament ran over into Monday.  Guess what happens then… free golf!  Monday’s golf was free to all attendees, and even free preferred parking!  I managed to make it up to the PGA National Championship Course to catch Phil Mickelson finish his round, and then the thrilling Harrington-Benson playoff!

PGA rules forbid photography and video recording during tournament play, but I managed to snap a couple photos of the 18th hole – gorgeous day, huh?

18th green at the Honda Classic 18th green at the Honda Classic

Looks like that car is floating! Looks like that car is floating!

After a wonderful day of golf, Susan and I decided to take advantage of a great happy hour at Morton’s Steakhouse with Meredith…

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Gronk rules the Patriots Victory Parade…and why vertical videos suck

Rob Gronkowski stole the show during Wednesday’s victory parade in Boston, and there is a lot of data online to prove that – videos of Gronk twerking on duck boats, doing pushups on the parade route, and chugging anything fans would toss to him…from beers to Fireball Whisky.

Take the video above for example – a compilation of a bunch of Gronk highlights.  It’s like you’re actually on Boylston Street, right?  Well, maybe not.  But to make matters worse, over half the clips were recorded vertically on [drunken?] fans’ cell phones.

What makes people want to record video vertically?  Think of all the screens on which you have enjoyed video since you’ve been born… TVs, movie theater screens, computers.  How many of them have been vertical?

I, for one, don’t enjoy watching videos while on my computer (ask Danielle Raybuck) – but when I do, I don’t like them taking up only 30% of the screen with huge black rectangles on both sides.

Thankfully, mainstream mass media has noticed this epidemic and they are trying to retrain us into filming – errr, recording – horizontally.  During Winter Storm Juno, The Weather Channel invited viewers to send in their videos to be shown on-air, but warned viewers to record horizontally or they couldn’t be used.  Anchors on the TODAY Show have also been asking viewers to record horizontally or they wouldn’t be able to show viewers’ vids on TV.

Hopefully the masses will pick up on this.  Maybe the technology giants will build in some reminder on future devices.  Until then, here is a public service announcement you can share with your friends:

[photo courtesy of the Boston Globe]

Happy New Year!

New Year's fireworks at Sydney Opera House
New Year’s fireworks at Sydney Opera House

To celebrate the new year, I thought it was about time for a new look for  I have retired the old, amateur, “an 8-year-old could have designed this” homepage to – the one that I wrote in the Notepad (and then eventually Microsoft Frontpage).  It seems that nobody writes their own HTML anymore anyway, so I decided to give up and go the way of the weblog… or “blog” as the kids call it.

Some of you are asking, “What’s this page all about?”  It’s a place where I can talk to you a little more personally than a Facebook page where all you see are some photos and generic thoughts that are suitable for the public.  Here, you’ll find my musings about the Gators… or local events in South Florida… or local restaurants, bars, & clubs… or thoughts about friends and family… basically stuff that I wouldn’t post – and you wouldn’t want to see – on Facebook or other social media.

So if you wish to keep up-to-date on stuff I’m up to, including events in South Florida (especially Palm Beach County), just come back once in awhile to visit… or even better, click the FOLLOW button at the upper left of the page.

See ya next time!