This is me… an old-school rap fan, bourbon aficionado, internet marketing pioneer, ex-microbiologist, and rabid Florida Gators fan.  Born in New York and raised in New England, I moved to Florida in 1985 to a tiny town called Wauchula.  I graduated from Hardee Senior High School and went to the University of Florida, then ended up in South Florida for a job, and the rest is history.  Unless you’re a feminist, then it’s “herstory”.

Then again, it wouldn’t it be hertory if you replaced “his” with “hers”?  I guess the feminists don’t care about spelling.

Kinda like the magnets that holier-than-thou rescue dog owners put on their cars:

Hopefully a dog created these magnets, because at least the dog gets a pass for the terrible grammar – the human should scold the dog for the subject/object error, then correct the magnet to “Who rescued whom?”… then give the dog a treat to reinforce the proper grammar for next time.

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