Happy New Year!
New Year's fireworks at Sydney Opera House
New Year’s fireworks at Sydney Opera House

To celebrate the new year, I thought it was about time for a new look for warrencorpus.com.  I have retired the old, amateur, “an 8-year-old could have designed this” homepage to warrencorpus.com – the one that I wrote in the Notepad (and then eventually Microsoft Frontpage).  It seems that nobody writes their own HTML anymore anyway, so I decided to give up and go the way of the weblog… or “blog” as the kids call it.

Some of you are asking, “What’s this page all about?”  It’s a place where I can talk to you a little more personally than a Facebook page where all you see are some photos and generic thoughts that are suitable for the public.  Here, you’ll find my musings about the Gators… or local events in South Florida… or local restaurants, bars, & clubs… or thoughts about friends and family… basically stuff that I wouldn’t post – and you wouldn’t want to see – on Facebook or other social media.

So if you wish to keep up-to-date on stuff I’m up to, including events in South Florida (especially Palm Beach County), just come back once in awhile to visit… or even better, click the FOLLOW button at the upper left of the page.

See ya next time!

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