“Spiciest Ramen in the World”? Gotta have it!

“Spiciest Ramen in the World”?  Gotta have it!

So a few weeks ago, my friend Erin tags me in a post about this supposed “really hot ramen”:
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So of course I had to go to Amazon and buy a bundle of them right away so I could try them as soon as I got home from New Orleans.

The noodles came in a 5-pack – very colorful red package with a cartoon chicken breathing ramen flames.  When I opened the package, I found a sauce packet and a spice packet.

The preparation took longer than the ramen you used to live on in college.  First of all, I had to translate the metric measurements on the package to good ol’ ‘Murican measurements – apparently 600mL of water is about 2.5 cups.  Then you boil the noodles for 5 minutes, drain – keeping 8 “spoons” of water – then stir-fry in the sauce for 30 seconds.  I ended up using a pot, a stir-fry pan, and a mixing bowl, but I guess I could have prepared the ramen in one non-stick pot.  Something I noticed on the video above by INSIDER Food – they did not stir-fry… they simply poured the sauce on cooling noodles.  The magic sauce was probably not brought to its peak hotness because they were eating it cold.  P**ssies.

After you stir-fry, then you add the spice packet – looked like chili peppers and sesame seeds.  And by the way, the last word in the above paragraph was prissies… this blog post is kid-friendly.

So now we’ve got the finished product.  “How was it?”, you ask?  Well, here’s my video review:

Oh, by the way – I did not know there were all these “Hottest Ramen Challenge” videos out there until I uploaded mine tonight.  Wow – some people have a lot of time on their hands.

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  1. Nice Warren G! I got an idea. Put your spoon in the oven for 15 min. @ 475 degrees and then put it on your tongue! 😂😂😂 Hot!!! 🔥🔥🔥

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