If you are here because of a spam email you received….

A spammer has spoofed my email address and has been sending spam emails which appear to be from me and/or my organization. I have been contacted hundreds of times today via instant messages, emails, voicemails, phone calls, and text messages expressing how much you hate me, my family, and/or my organization.

Here are a couple examples from people who decided to reach out via email.  These are so nice… the phone calls are so much harsher.  <3


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So before you “reach out and touch someone” (that’s a reference to an 80s AT&T commercial) , look at your email headers before you threaten someone and their family and loved ones – you’ve simply fallen subject to a spammer.

And seriously… death threats aren’t cool.  And all this stuff you post online is there forever – do you really think you are anonymous behind your keyboard and monitor?

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